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Top five reasons I used DXM as an adult

Disclaimer: Those considering DXM use for anything other than a cough suppressant should proceed with caution. This page is not suitable for minors. If this subject makes you uncomfortable or if you’re experiencing contempt despite a refusal to conduct your … Continue reading

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Dominic Mnemonic Memory System: Building Your Initial List

Saturday, January 22, 2011 There are some very helpful resources available online to assist in the creation of the list required by those who have decided to use the mnemonic memory technique known as the Dominic system. Let me back … Continue reading

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Pushing Through Social Media Burnout

Spending vast quantities of time staring at a screen can easily lead to fatigue, or even temporary burnout – and I’m probably about as susceptible as anyone when it comes to various strains of techno-weariness. Not only did I grow … Continue reading

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Sea Monkeys, Sea People, and the Fate of Mankind

Remember the old advertisements for Sea Monkeys? (Thanks to pop culture, you may now know them as Sea People.) If you’re a part of Generation X or the Baby Boomers, then you probably remember those alluring Sea Monkey ads that … Continue reading

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Resume Best Practices: Should Objective Be Included?

Ten years ago, the inclusion of an objective statement on one’s resume was a forgone conclusion; nowadays, however, this is one of the more disputed issues regarding resume best practices. The purpose of an objective statement on a resume is … Continue reading

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MLM & Network Marketing: Still Around

Until this November, I had not been approached by a single network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) pusher in a great while; I had not seen or heard as much as a whisper on the subject in print, online, or … Continue reading

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Friday Night at Davis-Kidd

Hovering at the Non-Fiction Paperback Table For the first time in months, I engaged in the ever-so enjoyable activity of hitting the local bookstore – which for me is Davis-Kidd Booksellers, within easy walking distance — for over an hour … Continue reading

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