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Pushing Through Social Media Burnout

Spending vast quantities of time staring at a screen can easily lead to fatigue, or even temporary burnout – and I’m probably about as susceptible as anyone when it comes to various strains of techno-weariness. Not only did I grow … Continue reading

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Sea Monkeys, Sea People, and the Fate of Mankind

Remember the old advertisements for Sea Monkeys? (Thanks to pop culture, you may now know them as Sea People.) If you’re a part of Generation X or the Baby Boomers, then you probably remember those alluring Sea Monkey ads that … Continue reading

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Resume Best Practices: Should Objective Be Included?

Ten years ago, the inclusion of an objective statement on one’s resume was a forgone conclusion; nowadays, however, this is one of the more disputed issues regarding resume best practices. The purpose of an objective statement on a resume is … Continue reading

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