Bizarre Beverages

bizarre drinks, beverages

I was taken aback as I read an article entitled Food Swing by Jennie Yabroff; Newsweek, November 1, 2010. The story made mention of bacon vodka, so I was forced to Google it to determine whether this oddity of an arguably repulsive liquor actually meshes with reality. Well, it’s real enough, and bacon vodka is more popular than I would have guessed – along with some other so-called meatinis.

Although I would have to include bacon vodka beverages in the category of cocktails known as the shocktail, according to a beverage article called Art of the Shock-Tail, bizarre drinks, beverages“Rotgut vodka’s chemical makeup changes with pork fat and turns into a delightfully robust beverage… quite a few early-morning lushes inhale the pork-belly libation as if it were a Grand Slam from Denny’s.”

Generally speaking, I do not care at all for the taste of alcoholic beverages, which explains why my favorite drink (back in the days when I partook on a regular, possibly excessive basis) was the Long Island Iced Tea — a high-test favorite of alcohol noobs and others who might want the hard-hitting taste of alcohol to be masked and subdued as much as possible. I thus have a hard time understanding the desire to drink something like bacon-flavored vodka or any other meat-flavored shocktail.

bizarre drinks, beverages

Japan must be one of the world’s hotspots for beverages others might deem unusual. Among the drinks available in the Land of the Rising Sun are:

  • Unagi Nobori (an eel-flavored drink)
  • Pepsi Ice Cucumber (a limited edition flavor of Pepsi)
  • Kimchee-flavored Coolpis (Kimchee is a traditional Korean dish made from fermented cabbage and LOTS of red pepper; Coolpis is the unfortunate name of a Japanese soft drink)
  • Mother’s Milk (actual human breast milk, served in a refrigerated carton)
  • Black Vinegar Juice Bar (serves black vinegar-based drinks, mixed into soft drinks with soy milk, blood orange juice or blueberry juice)
  • Water Salad (salad-flavored soft drinks made by Coca-Cola)
  • Kidsbeer (alcohol-free beer marketed to children)
  • Bilk (70% beer, 30% milk)
  • Cheese drink (a cheesy milk brought to you by Needs)
  • Placenta drink (yep, made from swine placenta)
  • Okkikunare (supposedly enhances breast size)

Other shocktails, meatinis, and/or carnivore cocktails served in the United States include:

  • Gorilla Fart (Bacardi 151 rum and A1 steak sauce)
  • Beefytini (Beefeater gin, a little vermouth, topped with a splash of “jerky juice,” a brine mixture from inside an olive jar infused with homemade Louisiana beef jerky)
  • Frontiersman’s Bourbon (bourbon, raw egg yolk)
  • Weeniecello (Hebrew National hot dog-flavored vodka)

Other off-the-wall alcoholic beverages:

  • Mamma Mia Pizzabeer (beer with common pizza spices, made to go well with pizza; U.S)
  • Chocolate Donut Beer (chocolaty, donutty sweet beer; U.S.)
  • Lizard wine (Gecko lizards and ginseng in rice wine; China)
  • Baby mouse wine (contain baby mice soaked in rice wine; Korea)
  • Snake liquor (contains extremely venomous snakes, such as the cobra; South East Asia)
  • Scorpion, Spider liquor (rice vodka containing a large scorpion or a huge spider; Thailand)

Resources for Bizarre Beverages

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